Beauty & Genders

Lingerie design is an essential element in enhancing sensuality, and beautifying femininity in both transgender and female alike.

The genders have uniquely beautiful features, shapes lines and curves, but Lingerie is the most suggestive intimate item of sensuality and femininity, and when it fits and feels wonderful, capturing the most sensual and pleasing feminine image comes so naturally. 

Uniqueness & Feel

Each of us has a uniquely different body type and sensuality, but we all love it when something looks, fits and feels wonderful.

Lingerie is the most intimate and most formfitting garment we wear, and all body types are individually beautiful and uniquely different. Exclusively designing and individually tailoring lingerie to accentuate the figure beautifully, and please the senses wonderfully, enhances a delightful wearing experience.

Design & Sensuality

Beautiful silky soft lingerie moving seductively and sensually against your body... Sending waves of pleasure to your most intimate places.

Imagine wearing sumptuous lingerie that is perfectly designed to feel wonderful against your most intimate places, and just by wearing it you would feel turned on. 


  • Camera skills and Expertise

    Lighting and body direction can accentuate a models most beautiful features. But to capture their passion, it’s all about sensuality.

  • Concepts and Creativity

    My design inspiration comes from imagining the lingerie wearing occasion and feelings of the wearer, and then creating perfect lingerie.

  • Location sets and Studios

    The Los Angeles photo studio offers many props, lighting and backgrounds to provide you with beautiful seductive looks that you’ll love.

  • Patternmaking and Design

    Lingerie is the most formfitting garment we wear, making sure it’s fabrics move and fit perfectly and comfortably on the body is essential.